Where have I been? Well, let me tell ya!!

Hey, guys! I just wanted to let you all know what’s going on here. Last week, I was on our family vacation with my family. My brother decided to join us this year!

11390313_1455133214784919_9126372331740903049_n 11392775_1455133191451588_3838813901628777932_n

My two sons and hubby in the first pic. My brother and myself in the second. Fun times!!

I will be heading to my sister’s next week because my brother-in-law is having open heart surgery. I will be spending time with my 6 nephews and nieces. Super excited. Auntie is one of my favorite roles!!!! We would appreciate any prayers you can send our way 🙂

That being said, I will be out for a bit while things even out. We’ll get back to the fun face-offs and giveaways after a week or two. Looking forward to it!!!!

Feel free to shoot me an email, or comment on this post, if you have any questions, ideas, requests for face-offs. Also, as always, send me your prayer requests at: aTransParentMom@gmail.com

❤ you all!

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