Fatal Trauma

by Richard L. Mabry, M.D.

As Mark is finishing up his shift in the ER, his world is about to change. Held at gunpoint and told to operate on a man that he knows is already dead, Mark has to find a way to get himself and everyone else out alive. He knows that his trouble has just begun when he finds out that it was the infamous “Zeta Drug Cartel”. As he struggles to stay alive and protect those he loves over the coming days, there is enough non-stop action to keep you flipping the pages.

I enjoyed the spiritual theme throughout the book. I felt like God was a big part. I thought it was odd that the Scripture used was from the KJV. As far as the characters go, it seemed like they were left wanting. There was nothing really loveable about them to keep you hoping they were safe. The writing was also a bit strange. It almost seemed like it was written a few decades ago. Nobody really talks like they did in these conversations and the girls certainly don’t communicate with each other the way it portrayed in the book.

Overall, a great action story. The author certainly knows his facts and there was plenty of interesting storyline. If you are more tuned into relationships, interactions and friendships, you might want to keep looking.

Thank you, Litfuse, for this book! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more.

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