Mega New Release Prize Pack!!!

11751965_1475253002772940_4531720532212450777_nWho’s ready for the EPIC SUMMER CHALLENGE??

I have decided to take the backseat and relax in the sun since I have had such an insane couple of months. Ergo (great word, huh??), I will be leaving my face-off challenges up to you guys!

Who are your favorite authors? Who would you like to see me face-off with?

Talk to them, get them interested in facing-off and send their info to me (once they have consented) at:

Rules: 1. Only published authors by reputable publishers (not self published) count. 2. It’s OK if I have featured them on my blog before. 3. Person with the most promoted wins!

Prize: 8-10 New Release Books + Winner will be included in the Face-Off Challenges with the Authors they promoted.

You will have 1 week to complete this challenge!!!

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