Face-Off with Julie Lessman!!

Now, this is an EXCITING day!! Julie is tops!! If you haven’t read any of her books, please check them out. The two series that follow the O’Connor family are wonderful!!

Julie Lessman, award ­winning author of The Daughters of Boston, Winds of Change, and Heart of San Francisco series, was named American Christian Fiction Writers 2009 Debut Author of the Year and voted #1 Romance Author of the year in Family Fiction magazine’s 2012 and 2011 Readers Choice Awards. Julie has garnered 17 RWA and other awards and made Booklist’s 2010 Top 10 Inspirational Fiction. Her latest novel, Surprised by Love, appeared on Family Fiction magazine’s list of Top Ten Novels of 2014. Her indie book A Light in the Window is an International Digital Awards winner, a 2013 Readers’ Crown Award winner, and a 2013 Book Buyers Best Award winner.

Now that’s a resume!!

Let’s get on with it…Shall we??


The rules are simple. I ask Julie some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Which model was your favorite on your book covers? Haha

Julie – Ooooo, good question and the first time I’ve ever been asked that in over 225 interviews, Charity, so you score high on creativity!

Well, my favorite-­favorite model on all of my covers is my daughter Amy, who is on the cover of my award winning indie novel, A Light in the Window.
Her pic for that cover was actually shot in my kitchen by my artist hubby who also made the cover and the great video as well, so I hope you check it out HERE.

But as far as the books published by my publisher, Revell, my favorite is the male model who portrays my hero Collin McGuire on the cover of my first book, A Passion Most Pure (ebook on sale now for only $1.99 and 700 five­star reviews on Amazon) (Link Above in Pic). Over and above the fact that this model is just plain hot­hot­hot, there’s also a fun story that goes along with it.

You see, the artist originally sent me a pretty namby­pamby picture of the model where he almost looked like a whipped puppy, and I was pretty distraught. So I asked my artist if she had any other shots of the guy we could use. “Only one,” she told me, but insisted nobody thought it would work because he looked angry. “Can you send it to me?” I asked, and when I saw Collin’s sullen expression, my mind went, Ding­Ding­Ding because that was SO how I pictured him, a rogue who’s ticked off because he can have any woman he wants but the one on cover! And when you combine the sweet, almost sassy look of the heroine with that brooding bad boy, well, can you say “chemistry”?

Charity – Well, I have seen the pics you’ve posted “then and now” of the “hothothot” Collin… BTW, here is a post with some pics, cover evolutions, etc…

–Julie gets that one. That was a dumb question on my part because there was no way I could win it!!

Charity 0 / Julie 1

2. Favorite piece of jewelry you own and why?

Julie – Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they’ve never been mine. That is until my husband gave me a simple diamond wedding band for our 35th to replace the engagement ring I lost somewhere in my house years ago. Never found it back then, but never really cared either, since diamonds leave me cold. But I have to say, this band is so sweet and simple and doesn’t get caught on anything, so I absolutely love it. But mostly because I love him!

Charity – No Fair! You can’t use a wedding/anniversary bandIMG_6549! ahh. Well, ASIDE from those very meaningful pieces of jewelry, I love a necklace that my son bought me. It is a turquoise, chunky stone on a gold chain. Love it! He was out one day and saw it, so he picked it up for his ol’ ma!!!!

There’s the cute booger now!! —–>

— Has to be a tie!!

Charity 1 / Julie 2

3. What’s the longest you can float on your back in the water?

Julie – Mmmm … never tried, but I can sleep on my back all night long like a mummy corpse, hands crossed over my chest. 😉

Charity – hmm…Well, I could take a nap in the WATER like that. It is not possible to sink me…

— I get that one! woot woot! Who needs the Dead Sea anyway??

Charity 2 / Julie 2

4. Strangest fan experience?

Julie – I have to admit, I’m not overly crazy about the word “fan” because it sets an author apart from her readers, which I don’t like because we are all just women who love God and romance. But the “strangest” (or I should say most original) reader­/friend experience I ever had was because of blog review of A Passion Most Pure that came up in a Google Alert once. I was stunned to read that this reviewer stayed up reading APMP till about 2:00 AM or so, but finally forced herself to go to bed. In the morning she decided she would read just a little bit more while soaking in the bathtub. Would you believe this gal stayed in that tub for all 481 pages till she finished? Well, I didn’t believe it, so I contacted her through her blog because frankly I had questions. Like did she prune? Did she take bathroom or lunch breaks, does she live in Florida where the water would stay warm?? Inquiring minds want to know! That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Charity – Well, first of all, I love that you feel that way about your “fans” (They still are!). Secondly, wow. haha. That is really gross. The idea of a bath makes me want to throw up. The idea of a cold, dirty, multi-hour bath …well, there are just no words.

I will add to your fan base! I remember emailing you a few years back after I had read your second book about CHARITY and Mitch. I couldn’t believe it because you almost wrote my story in her. So many similarities and you even used my name!!

“Blood surged to her cheeks. ‘I … no, that’s fine. Just fine.’ She staggered back, lightheaded. Settle down, Charity. He’s just a man.” — Couldn’t resist an exerpt!

–Again, dumb question I couldn’t win…

Charity 2 / Julie 3

5. Have you ever found a sand dollar on the beach? (Not at the gift shop! ha).

Julie – Yes, in Marco Island and Naples, Florida, but as pretty as they are, I’d rather find real dollars!

Charity – I have spent MANY hours looking for those darned things. Never found one. My 8 year old (youngest) has taken over for me. He loves looking for shells!!! Still haven’t found one. Had to buy him some from a gift shop. boo!!!

–Julie totally gets that!

Charity 2 / Julie 4

6. Have you ever swam with sharks or dolphins?

Julie – Nope, the closest I’ve ever come is watching Jaws.

Charity – Oh man. Me either. Although, we have seen people find sharks at the Outer Banks when we are on vacation. *shudder*

— Tie

Charity 3 / Julie 5

8. Favorite vacation story?

Julie – Oooo, another good question!10403350_10153279840623455_6893309030632104928_n As a matter of fact, one summer when we took our teenage kids to Disney World, I saw a magazine with Catherine Zeta Jones on the cover, and I remember being overjoyed that she was really short­waisted (at least on this cover), with only two inches or so between her chest and her hips, as well as a little thick in the middle. “Look,” I say to my family in an excited tone, waving the cover in their faces. “Catherine Zeta Jones body is just like mine—she’s really short­waisted!” Well … let me tell you that I never quite lived that down after that, desperately trying explain that I was ONLY referring to her waist. My family called me “Catherine” the rest of that vacation, and my daughter even bought me leopard­skin pants so I could look the part. Which, I’m happy to say, I only wore once on that vacation, and almost never again after that!

Charity – Oh my word! HAHAHA!! Well, I am EXTREMELY short waisted too!! I am legs, boobs, head. Seriously. But, I’m no Catherine like you 😉

I guess I don’t have anything really exciting like that! Hmm. Life is always crazy in my world, so it would be nothing out of the ordinary.

— I am getting obliterated.

Charity 3 / Julie 6

9. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

Julie – “Strive” is certainly an appropriate word because I work reallllly hard to make Him Lord of my life, predominantly by application of His precepts, which is a major theme in my very first book, A Passion Most Pure, and really all of my books. In APMP, the heroine Faith O’Connor consistently has to learn to forgive and pray for the sister who berates and betrays her and the fiancé who cheats on her, something I also strive to do in my life. In truth, Faith is my spiritual self and mirrors the intimate relationship I long to have with God. Like Faith’s character, I talk and pray to Him as naturally as if He is my best friend (and He is!), but I also get angry with Him too. You might say that Faith and I are emotionally engaged with the God of the Universe—we laugh with Him, tear up at His goodness to us, and worship Him with all of our hearts.

Charity – Beautiful! I love that. We often try too hard to get everything right when all we have to do is just love God. Simply love Him. All the rest falls into place from there. Satan likes to keep us focused on “doing doing doing”.

— God Wins!

Charity 3 / Julie 6

10. Beach Boys or Beatles?

Julie – Oh, wow, tough question there! I’ll have to go with the Beatles because they dominated my life from the minute they hit Ed Sullivan’s stage, and their music was so creative and unique.

Charity – I was a huge Beach Boys fan when I was growing up. Not so much now. In fact, I would have to say NEITHER. I am not really a fan of either one. I know I am going to lose most of my followers now…It may even be illegal to not love the Beatles. We shall see…

— Julie had a favorite…

Charity 3 / Julie 7

11. Are you a good whistler?

Julie – Nope, but I can hum up a storm, which drives my daughter crazy since I never remember any lyrics.

Charity – ha. I love to whistle. Saying that makes me sounds lame. HAHA!

Speaking of humming though…We play “name that hum”. If you ever saw “name that tune” many decades ago, you know how to play. It was my favorite game show when I was growing up. Anyway, we usually play with Christmas songs. You have to go against someone and say how many hums you can name the tune in. The person that gets it with the lowest number of hums wins that round. hahaha. I am always the official “hummer”. I know all the songs.

— I get that one! woot!!


Charity 4 / Julie 7

you__ve_just_lost_the_game__xd_by_ponyowantsham-d3avgot and that’s a huge shocker.

Thank you, Julie! So much fun 🙂 Custom-Balloon-design-tool

Guess whaaaaat????? Julie has agreed to giveaway ANY one of her books to one lucky winner! Oh, did I mention it would be SIGNED??

All you need to do is comment on this post with any questions or comments you have for Julie. She will even reply, so now is your chance! WOOT WOOT! (Comment by clicking on the orange button with a number on it.)

Once you have done that, head on over to a Rafflecopter giveaway and start entering!! <—- Just click here!

*U.S Rez Only (Sorry! We do love the rest of you too!)

** Entries will be checked and falsified entries will be disqualified.


You can contact Julie and read excerpts from her books at http://www.julielessman.com, or through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or Pinterest, as well as sign up for her newsletter. Check out Julie’s group blog, The Seekers, Writers Digest 2013, 2014, and 2015 “Best 101 Websites for Writers,” and Julie’s own personal blog, Journal Jots, voted blog of the month in the Readers’ Choice poll of Book Fun Magazine.

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  1. I might be too late for the contest, but had to take a moment to post. Julie, you are one of my very favorite Christian authors! One of the few that cause me to lose sleep as I choose reading “just one more chapter” over getting some shut-eye :).

    I have LOVED the eras of your previous series. I know you are working on a contemporary series now, but do you have plans to return to the early/mid 1900s?


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