Face-Off with Nadine Brandes!!

Nadine Brandes - Head ShotI am so pumped to have Nadine Brandes on my blog today!! You know I love a good dystopian read and that’s this lady’s specialty! Woot Woot!

Nadine is also an editor. If you are a writer looking for someone to critique your books, just head on over HERE!! The prices are even included right on the page.

Let’s play!!


1. What is the worst name a person could have?

Nadine –That’s a tough one! Being an author, I really want to come up with something horrible, hehe, but I think it’d be cruel for some poor kid to have the name of a famous villain or book character. Like Harry Potter or Bilbo or something equally popular. Because then it never feels like its your name and everyone knows that your parents were geeks. LOL.

Charity – That is true. My parents almost named my sister Christopher Robin. Lucky for her, she was a girl…

— Tie

Charity 1 / Nadine 1

2. How many different hair colors have you tried? Favorite? Hubby’s Favorite?

Nadine –Confession: I’ve never dyed my hair. *shrug* I just never thought to. I’ve permed it, but little did I know that when I met hubby, he was hoping to marry a girl who’d never colored her hair! HA! Silly man. 😉 Brownie points for me. 😛

If I ever tried something, I’d do something crazy. Mixed colors and feathers. 😛 What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to your hair?

Charity – Bizarre! That was actually something he was hoping??? So crazy! I have had it every color under the sun. My hubby likes it bright red or blonde. I am not sure. I just like change.

Ok. You get the idea. Every color.

This is the most current —>

— I TOTALLY get that one!!

Charity 2/ Nadine 1

3. Do you sneeze like a man or like a little tiny mouse (or something in between)?

Nadine –I sneeze like a tornado. (The type that makes people stop and say, “Woah! Uh…bless you.”) I hiccup like a mouse.

Charity – ha! That’s awesome. My sneezes sound like a cough so NOBODY says “bless you” to me. waaahhhhhh. And, I sneeze in sets of 7. (That’s the number of perfection, FYI)

— Tie

Charity 3 / Nadine 2

4. Can you sew? Are you crafty?

Nadine –I have the desire to sew and create masterpieces but it never works! But I love to get crafty for birthday parties.

Charity – I like to do that stuff too, but never find the time. Sometimes it makes me really cranky though. I HATE HATE HATE scrapbooking. blah.

— Tie

Charity 4 / Nadine 3

5. TV!!!!! MY FAVORITE SUBJECT. Ok, last show you Netflix, binge watched?

Nadine –We don’t really binge watch, but the closest I got was with BBC’s Merlin. I know, it’s like a little kid’s show or something, but….*tear*….MERLINNNNNN!!! He’s currently my favorite fictional character in the world. *hugs*

Okay, you admitted…TV’s your favorite subject. What’s your least favorite and most favorite TV shows? Confess.

Charity – OMGosh. I don’t know. Too hard to answer! Last show I binge watched would be Prison Break (Current Binge). Hubby and I watch it every night before bed. List of favorites? Ok, here we go (in no particular order):

Pretty Little Liars

I am sure there are a million more, but those came to mind right away. ❤

Least Favorite? Hmm. Probably anything Star Trekie.

— Nadine is not obsessed. That’s a good thing.

Charity 4 / Nadine 4

6. Did you know that Harry Potter can rap?

Nadine –*jaw drop* Whu…? *runs to YouTube* WOAH! You’re right! That’s just….cool.

Well did you know that Aragorn did all his own stunts and used a real sword?

Charity – Oh yeah! I can one up that! It took 2-3 years to finish filming and he remained in character 24/7. He EVEN SLEPT WITH HIS HORSE to build up the rapport!!!!

— Happy Dance!

Charity 5 / Nadine 4

7. Do you keep your toenails up during the winter, or is it just a free for all until flip-flop weather?

Nadine –Free for all, baby.  I’ll get about two pedicures a year (on my birthday and for a mid-summer wedding) and they last me all year! 😛

Charity – Woot! Nice. I usually keep mine up. I never go get pedicures though. I just do it myself. Much cheaper…

— Nadine is NOT high-maintenance.

Charity 5 / Nadine 5

8. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

Nadine –By seeking Him daily and committing everything I do to Him. He then takes me onto the right paths, makes me run into the right people, and speaks through my writing where I can’t. 🙂

Charity –

— God wins!

Charity 5 / Nadine 5

9. Aragorn or Legolas?

Nadine –Aragorn. Der.

Charity – False. Legolas.

— Tie

Charity 6 / Nadine 6

10. Favorite smoothie blend?

Nadine –Strawberry bannana!

Favorite ice cream blend?

Charity – Ohhh! Nice. Nope, not me! I like the works:

NO SUGAR ALLOWED!! (already enough in the fruit)

As far as ice cream? I am not a huge fan. If I am going to have it, I will eat Chocolate Peanut-Butter. I could do without though.

— YUM for smoothies!


Charity 7 / Nadine 7


Thanks, Nadine! I had so much fun getting to know you 🙂 I can’t wait to check out your books!!!!!

5 responses to “Face-Off with Nadine Brandes!!”

  1. Great face-off……girl, I’ve never seen so many hair color changes! I’ve only had two….both natural: dishwasher-blonde and gray.


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