Face-Off with Stacy Henrie!!

stacy-henrie-selfStacy is IN THE HOUSE TODAY!!! Woot Woot!!

Wife of an entrepreneur husband and a stay-at-home mom to three, Stacy loves the chance to live out history through her fictional characters, while enjoying the modern conveniences of life in the 21st century. Her books include Hope at Dawn, a 2015 Romance Writers of America RITA finalist for excellence in romance.

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Let’s play, shall we??


The rules are simple. I ask Stacy some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Best DIY decoration you have made?

Stacy – My best DIY decorating project, to date, is the wall gallery in my bedroom. I feel pretty -1confident looking at something in a magazine or on Pinterest and mimicking the design, but this time, I came up with the configuration on my own. And I did it the right way – cutting out paper to represent the different picture frames and hanging them with painter’s tape – instead of my usual, “that looks about right, so now I’ll hammer the nail in.”

Charity – Wow!! Pretty fancy!! 10013645_10153946260915018_6185701436697944936_nOne of my favorites would be the wreaths I make. They are super easy and you can use any color. ❤ Love it!

— I think that Stacy’s wall is pretty amazing…

Charity 0 / Stacy 1

2. Have you ever milked a cow?

Stacy – Nope, I’ve never milked a cow. But I have a character in a short story of mine who milks a cow. Does that count?

Charity – Survey Says: survey-says-2013-09-25-at-9-46-55-pm-300x194I have totally milked a cow at my sister’s farm. Frightening  to pull on a teet…but it had to be done.

— I get it!!

Charity 1 / Stacy 1

3. Can you blow big bubbles with gum?

Stacy – Not super big ones, but I do like blowing bubbles with gum, even as a grownup.

Charity – I can! I can! I can get them as big as my face!!!!

— Woot Woot!

Charity 2 / Stacy 1

4. Who’s your favorite actor from another generation?

Stacy – Audrey Hepburn. I love how she could play a variety of characters and be believable in all of them.


Charity – Ohh!! Good one! I absolutely adore her. I’m going to have to go with Julie Andrews.


— Tie

Charity 3 / Stacy 2

5. What’s the best story you have about a mouse being in your house?

Stacy – No mice stories. But right before we moved out of our first house, we found a snake in the basement. My fearless sister came to catch it, but the snake she caught looked a little different than the one I’d seen. So my guess is we had TWO snakes down there. Thank goodness we were moving!

Charity – Oh. My. Gosh. I would die.

Last year, a mouse found its way into our home. He put out a million mouse traps with all kinds of delightful treats, but he was not to be tempted. After a couple of days of seeing him racing past, I heard him under my bed in the middle of the night. He was making a nest under there!!!!!!!!!! I almost had a heart attack. I put that sticky stuff down and he got stuck. HA! HAHAHAHA! I win.

— Taking it!

Charity 4 / Stacy 2

6. Have you ever been ding-dong-ditched? Or, done the ding-dong-ditching?

Stacy – We’ve been ding-dong-ditched once or twice. As far as doing the ding-dong-ditching, there’s been a few times we dropped off a treat on someone’s porch and wanted to keep our identity a surprise so we rang the doorbell and ran.

Charity – Nice!!! I have never been ding-dong-ditched, nor ding-dong-ditched someone else. As long as there wasn’t a bag of poop on fire, I guess you were probably ok.

— Stacy takes it!

Charity 4 / Stacy 3

7. Favorite movie from another time period?

Stacy – Gone with the Wind. Need I say more?

Charity – Hmm. That is a good one. There are just too many to pick!!!

-My Fair Lady (Which I totally got to see in the theater last month for it’s 50th anniversary)
-Singing in the Rain
-Sound of Music
-Meet Me In St. Louis

Too many!!!

— Tie

Charity 5 / Stacy 4

8. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

Stacy – By remembering Him in faith, trust, and prayer and striving, however imperfectly, to live as He’s asked.

Charity – Love it

— God wins!

Charity 5 / Stacy 4

9. If you had to survive on one type of food for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Stacy – Bread! I don’t think I could ever get sick of eating bread.

Charity – Oh, yes please!!! I do love bread!! I would probably choose fruit…but you got me thinking.

— Stacy gets it because: pimg_203675_brot-german-bread_a

Charity 5 / Stacy 5

10. Would you be able to take care of yourself if you were the only person left on the earth?

Stacy – Yes, if there was still electricity and running water. If those things were gone, I’d be sunk!

Charity – Absolutely not. I am a total princess. 100% princess.

— Stacy pulled through!!!


Charity 5 / Stacy 6


Thank you, Stacy! So much fun!!!!! il_570xN.321850012

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