Face-Off with Delia Parr!!

7581Welcome, Delia!! So nice to have her here today!!! This lady writes some of the most popular fiction out there!!

With prestigious credentials such as the Laurel Wreath Award for Historical Romance, Romantic Times Award for Best First Book, and the Aspen Gold Award for Best Inspirational Book, author Delia Parr endears herself to critics and readers alike.
Delia is the author of fifteen historical novels who now devotes herself to writing inspirational historical romance. The mother of three grown children, she is a full-time high school teacher in southern New Jersey who spends her summers writing on Anna Maria Island in Florida.

You can check out some of her great reads here:

Let’s do this!!


The rules are simple. I ask Delia some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Worst broken bone story? Pics?

Delia – Honestly, I’ve never broken a bone.  Ever. But when I was a teenager, I had a very bad sprained ankle and spent six weeks on crutches.  A few days after the ankle healed, I sprained  the OTHER ankle and went back on crutches for another six weeks.  Not fun!

Charity – Oh my word. That is awful! I feel your pain though…literally.

I broke my toe last year. It was a clean break all the way through. I had surgery to put a pin in it. The day AFTER the pin was removed, I did the exact same thing and broke it again. Same toe. Same break. IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!! Worst pain ever.

— Totally taking that one!

Charity 1 / Delia 0

2. Strangest first day on the job?

Delia – My very first job was with the telephone company as a service representative.  It was very strange because my father had worked for the telephone company at that point for over twenty years and I spent the first day, and many days after, responding to the question, “Are you John’s daughter?”  Fortunately, my Dad was a terrific guy and had a great reputation so I was very proud to say yes.

Charity – Oh, man! That is definitely good that he had a great reputation. It sure put the pressure on!!

I think I am going to win this one too because it’s pretty crazy. When I was 20 years old, I started a job at a computer firm and I was a “data entry specialist” haha. Whatever that means! Anyway, when I showed up for my first day of work, I was told that I needed to go pick up my boss FROM JAIL! I had never met him either. So weird.

Needless to say, I didn’t stay at that job too long…(by my own choice! haha)

–Taking it!

Charity 2 / Delia 0

3. Favorite love song when you were a teenager? 

Delia – The song is “Eres Tu,” a love song in Spanish.  Without knowing that, my son and his future wife chose that very song as their first dance together at their wedding reception.

Charity – Oh wow! That is so special!!!! I bet they were so excited when they found out 🙂

— Delia definitely gets that one!!

Charity 2 / Delia 1

4. Favorite holiday recipe? 

Delia – I love my grandmother’s recipe for candied sweet potatoes.  So easy and yummy!

Charity – Oh my goodness!!!  Grandmother’s recipes are the best!! We have a fudge recipe passed down by my Grandma.

— Tie!

Charity 3 / Delia 2

5. Would your life seem very different if you went by your middle name? 

Delia – Probably not.  I was named after both of my grandmothers so instead of answering to one grandmother’s name, I’d answer to the other.

Charity – Now, that is really cool!!! I love that. What a cool idea!! My Grandma’s names were Ida Maude (but she went by Maude) and Jesse.

It seems like my life might be a little different because Charity is such a great name. My middle name is Dawn. Growing up, I was Charity Christian (my maiden name!!). How can you go wrong with a name like that?

— Love the Grandma idea!

Charity 3 / Delia 3

6. Favorite TV show? 

Delia – I love “Call the Midwife” on PBS.  Although the series is set in the 20th century, and my Trilogy is set a hundred years earlier, I find the similarities fascinating.  The contrasts are striking as well, since there have been so many medical advances since then.

Charity – I am so in love with PBS shows!!! I would be totally happy if that was the only channel I ever got. I love that new show, Home Fires. It’s really good!! I’m also a big fan of Broadchurch.

— Tie

Charity 4 / Delia 4

7. Favorite figure skater? 

Delia – My goodness. I have no idea.

Charity – haha. I don’t currently have a favorite. I grew up watching Scott Hamilton and the Brians. 🙂

— Tie

Charity 5 / Delia 5

8. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life? 

Delia – I’ve just started a new Bible study to enhance my knowledge of the Bible, but day-to-day, I try to follow what He calls me to do in my volunteer work and in my writing.  My bed faces a beautiful view of the sky and I have a magnificent sunrise to wake me every day.  That’s when I thank God for giving me another day and ask Him to help me to follow His word every moment of that day.

Charity – Beautiful!

— God wins!

Charity 5 / Delia 5

9. Worst wardrobe malfunction?   

Delia – I showed up for work one day (teaching high school students) wearing two different shoes.  Goodness!  Did the students have fun pointing my mistake out to me all day long!

Charity – I bet!!!! haha. That’s too funny. You beat me on that one!

— Delia!

Charity 5 / Delia 6

10. Have you ever seen any broadway plays live? (doesn’t have to be ON Broadway) 

Delia – I did see CATS on Broadway, and I’ve seen two seasons so far at our local community theater, a mix of comedies and mysteries.  Live theater is great fun!

Charity – Oh wow! That’s so cool. I have seen Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables (not ON Broadway, but the Broadway traveling group…? Is that what it’s called? haha)

— Tie


Charity 6 / Delia 7


Thank you, Delia! I had so much fun hearing about your adventures!

Be sure to pick up Delia’s new release, The Midwife’s Choice. (link is in pic above)

6 responses to “Face-Off with Delia Parr!!”

  1. Delia! You are so much fun! I really enjoyed Hearts Awakening and Midwife’s Tale. Can’t wait for your new release! Charity, you are hilarious. Love the pics. Keep these Face-Offs coming. I’ll be “watching”. =)


  2. I love the shoe story. My husband actually went to church with two different shoes on. One was brown and one was black. We laughed and laughed. He said it was dark in the closet when he picked out his shoes, so, he couldn’t tell the difference. Silly guy! 🙂


  3. Great faceoff! I think my wife could relate to the broken toe story, at least partially. There was a time about 20 or 30 years ago when she caught hers on the bedpost on two occasions within a few weeks of each other. I don’t know if she actually broke it but she was in awful pain for a while.


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