The Painter’s Daughter

by Julie Klassen

In Julie’s latest book, we get to dive into yet another view of life in the Regency Era. I love that she always chooses a new profession or lifestyle for each heroine so we can look at the period from that lens.

The story opens up with Stephen Overtree trying to track down his brother, Wesley. Instead, he finds a broken-hearted and pregnant Sophie Dupont. Seeing his brother did not do the right thing, he takes Sophie as his bride and commits to her and the unborn child.

What will happen when Wesley finds out? What about her heart belonging to her husband’s brother?

Julie always gives us a wonderful read. I love how the characters are interwoven and so full of life. Overall, I absolutely LOVED this book. My only disappointment was at the ending. I felt like it was a little odd. I was happy with the man she chose, just wasn’t sure about how everything happened. I was also really uncomfortable with a scene at the end. I don’t think it shouldn’t have been used, I am just not comfortable with nursing a child in general; let alone as a romantic thing. haha.

Definitely recommend!

Thank you, Bethany House and Netgalley, for providing me copies of this great book! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

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