The Crimson Path of Honor

by M.B. Tosi

Hmm. Where to start? The Crimson Path of Honor is a story about a girl that was kidnapped while heading out West in the late 1800’s. Luci was abducted by the Lakota Tribe and merged into their lives as a squaw and the chief’s love.

Overall, a great concept and lots of info here. It’s a pretty interesting storyline. I know for a lot of readers, it can be a bit graphic at times too. Unfortunately, I did not think that it was well written. I felt like there were so many overkill adjectives, they spoke to each other as you would speak to a child, and it would jump from one person’s thoughts to someone else’s and right back again within the same paragraph.  Also, a lot of the characters were not too likeable. You kind of want to smack them often…

I am not saying that you shouldn’t read this. You might really enjoy the history and story. I like her desire to share God with the tribe and her spunky way of going about it.

Thank you for this book in exchange for my review. As always, this is my honest opinion Here’s to many more!!


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