The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill

by Julie Klassen

The much awaited, new series by Julie Klassen is finally here! Well, it was here before Christmas, but I have been a bit behind…

If you have read much Klassen, you will want to know that this book is significantly different than her others. All of her books have basically stood alone while this one is absolutely part of a series. The book didn’t really end at the end of the book. That being said, it was a great read. Her writing style has really deepened and grown since her debut novel, The Lady of Milkweed Manor.

Overall, I felt it was very well written. There were a lot of people to keep up with instead of the average handful you have in a novel. The point of view would switch from character to character rapidly and I would find myself confused at times trying to remember which person it was. I believe that it was just preparing the reader for the following volumes to come. So, if you don’t have severe brain trauma as I seem to have, you should be just fine! I definitely recommend this book (and anything by Julie!). She is a truly gifted writer!!!

Thanks so much for this read! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

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19 responses to “The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill”

  1. I love Julie’s books! My favorite would be The Silent Governess followed by The Girl in the Gatehouse. All her books I’ve read have been great but those two would be my favorites so far.

    Thank you,
    Stephanie C.


  2. It’s been quite a while since I’ve read any of Julie’s books, but looking back I remember particularly enjoying The Girl in the Gatehouse.


  3. I have’t read any of Julie’s earliest books but I’ve read the last five and enjoyed all of them. Lady Maybe and The Painter’s Daughter are books that come to mind. Thanks for having a book giveaway of The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill.


  4. My favorite one (and I’ve only read a few of her older ones) is The Silent Governess. I’m really looking forward to this new one because it reminds me of Lawana Blackwell’s Gresham Chronicles which was one of my all-time favorite regency series. Welcome back Charity (I missed you) and thanks for the giveaway!


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