Twilight at Moorington Cross

by Abigail Wilson

Imagine being given a grand inheritance worth millions of dollars. Imagine that same inheritance coming with a stipulation — a pretty big stipulation. You can have all the money and the grand estate if you are willing to marry a man you have never met within thirty days. Oh, I forgot…She at least gets to pick between two different men! She can choose between a rather boring and unattractive fellow, or the biggest cad in all of England!

Fortunately for Amelia Pembroke, she has a handsome solicitor to help her figure out which man is right for her! Hmmm….I might see where this is going.

There are many mysteries to be solved as this book is full of quirky characters, untimely death, and a clock running down. It’s set in Regency England and sticks pretty well to the character of the time.

This is certainly a light read. It’s mean to highlight the fun characters and the mysteries to be solved. I really isn’t a deep book, so pick this one up if you want something breezy and fun. I was given a copy to review and, as always, this is my honest opinion of the read! I hope you enjoy!

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