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Hearts Entwined: The Love Knot

by Karen Witemeyer Ok, so this whole book isn’t officially by Karen Witemeyer, but this review is specific to The Love Knot. Just to specify, the other authors that contributed are absolutely recommended by me as well. ❤ Karen is one of the ladies… Continue Reading “Hearts Entwined: The Love Knot”

A Stolen Heart

by Amanda Cabot Ten years after the Civil War, Lydia is a Yankee that’s unknowingly engaged to a married man, traveling South across the country to start completely over and reinventing/finding herself in this beautiful book. I mean, come on! Look at that gorgeous… Continue Reading “A Stolen Heart”

The Elegant Façade

by Kristi Ann Hunter Let me start by saying that this is my favorite book I have read this year. There is so much that is GREAT about this story, I don’t even know where to begin! After reading about Georgina in Miranda’s story, … Continue Reading “The Elegant Façade”

The Reluctant Duchess

by Roseanna M. White Another fabulous read from Roseanna M. White. In this book, she continues on with the characters from The Lost Heiress. The Duke of Nottingham is back and as brilliant as ever!! As he seeks God’s will at every turn, he… Continue Reading “The Reluctant Duchess”


We have a winner!!!! An email has been sent to the winner of Jen Turano’s signed book giveaway. You have until Sunday night to respond!!! If not, I’ll draw again (: Thank you all for trying!! Don’t forget the other giveaways we have going… Continue Reading “WE HAVE A WINNER!!”

Ok, I’m had some comments here and there, but I’m gonna need more than that! Fess up! What books did you read growing up that have the most horrifc covers??

Just for GIGGLES. I will show you a couple of my favorite books growing up. The covers are so horrendous that it’s a bit embarrassing. ha ha ha ha ha. 1. Now, I understand that you are probably laughing, but, believe me, this isn’t… Continue Reading “Ok, I’m had some comments here and there, but I’m gonna need more than that! Fess up! What books did you read growing up that have the most horrifc covers??”

After a Fashion

by Jen Turano Oh my goodness! It’s been a while since I wanted to cry when a book ended!!! What a great read! This is the first book that I have read by Jen Turano. I absolutely recommend this book. Harriet (I am sorry,… Continue Reading “After a Fashion”

Face-Off with Jen Turano

Oh My Goodness! IT’S FACE-OFF TIME!!!!!! I am beyond excited to have the awesome Jen Turano facing off with me today. I want to win this! That has not been going exactly as I would like… So, in light of Jen’s new book,  I… Continue Reading “Face-Off with Jen Turano”

Big Giveaways and Blog Tours!!

I have decided that your inbox must be inundated by so much mail from me! However, with so many great giveaways, what am I to do? So, I shall place them all in one simple post, thus you will receive one email per day… Continue Reading “Big Giveaways and Blog Tours!!”

It’s Release Day!! Young Adults Celebrate!!!!

Not only is Dauntless releasing today (link in the pic), but we have another awesome Young Adult book that released today. How exciting!! I know, as a mother of teenagers, how important it is that they have good, solid, moral books in their hands… Continue Reading “It’s Release Day!! Young Adults Celebrate!!!!”