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A Alexander, Tamera Andrews, Mesu April Marie B Bartels, Zachary Bartels, Zachary DUEX Basham, Pepper Basham, Pepper (take #2) Belliston, Rebecca Benton, Lori Brandes, Nadine Braner, Andy Brendan, Maggie Brencher, Hannah Bruce, Todd Bylin, Vicki C Cabot, Amanda Cambron, Kristy Camden, Elizabeth Clipston, Amy… Continue Reading “Face-Offs!”

Oh my goodness gracious!

I am so excited about the next few weeks. I have so many AMAZING books to share with you guys. I am blown away by how awesome God is. He has given me such a blessing with this job that I can do in… Continue Reading “Oh my goodness gracious!”

Face-Off with Author Jocelyn Green and more!!

A few weeks back, I reviewed an awesome book named Spy of Richmond. Jocelyn has written a series of books called Heroines Behind the Lines. When you hear stories of the Civil War, it’s always on the battlefield, or in the prisons. How often… Continue Reading “Face-Off with Author Jocelyn Green and more!!”

FACE-OFF with Jody Hedlund!!!!

It’s time. The time has come for a frenemy face-off! (and, boy do we look fierce!) I recently reviewed Jody’s newest book, An Uncertain Choice.  It’s a great book and it is going to be released on March 3rd. So, get ready!!! There is… Continue Reading “FACE-OFF with Jody Hedlund!!!!”

FACE-OFF with author Karen Swallow Prior

Ok, let’s get this thing started by me saying that we all wish we were as stinking adorable as you! That being said, let the introductions begin. Karen is a Professor of English at Liberty University. She recently wrote a book, that I reviewed,… Continue Reading “FACE-OFF with author Karen Swallow Prior”