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Dina Sleiman Radio Interview! Wha Wha?!

You may have noticed that I kinda like that Dauntless book by Dina Sleiman. It’s a great YA book and I think that is so important! We need so many more of these. Well, if you would like to hear what Dina has to… Continue Reading “Dina Sleiman Radio Interview! Wha Wha?!”

It’s Release Day!! Young Adults Celebrate!!!!

Not only is Dauntless releasing today (link in the pic), but we have another awesome Young Adult book that released today. How exciting!! I know, as a mother of teenagers, how important it is that they have good, solid, moral books in their hands… Continue Reading “It’s Release Day!! Young Adults Celebrate!!!!”

Hurry ! Make Haste!

I am so excited for you guys to read this book, that I MUST remind you about it’s release!!! It is a YA book, yes, but it is wonderful! So much fun. The kindle version has been available for a few days, but the… Continue Reading “Hurry ! Make Haste!”

Talk about a Steal kinda Deals! Super Cheap and they won’t stay that way for long!!

Tamera Alexander must REALLY love us!!       And I am pretty sure that Karen Witemeyer loves us too!!     And PLEASE pick up this series for UNDER $10. Laura Frantz is my favorite author. You won’t regret it!!     Do you… Continue Reading “Talk about a Steal kinda Deals! Super Cheap and they won’t stay that way for long!!”


by Dina Sleiman Ahh. What to say?! Where to start? Coming off of my Divergent high, the name of this book obviously intrigued me. It’s a YA book with some major girl kicking butt power!! Lady Merry has lost her family under the cruel… Continue Reading “Dauntless”

Face-Off with Dina Sleiman

It’s that time again!! It’s time for me to face off against Dina Sleiman! Woot Woot! I’m going for a WIN! The rules are simple. I ask Dina some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth… Continue Reading “Face-Off with Dina Sleiman”