A Most Inconvenient Marriage

by Regina Jennings


An intriguing title. An author I’ve never read. A fabulous cover. Let’s dive in!!

Abagail Stuart, a civil war nurse, finds herself married to a dying soldier, Jeremiah Calhoun, so that she can go home and nurse his family back to health. When she arrives, it is to much controversy and confusion. As they learn to love and accept her, Jeremiah suddenly returns home. Of course, it is not the “Jeremiah” that she buried in the war hospital and much chaos ensues. What do they believe? What do they do with her when she is legally married to him (as far as the paperwork says)?

What a wonderful and light read. It was relaxing and I enjoyed the characters very much. There wasn’t a heavy spiritual aspect to it, however. It was almost non-existent. A few mentions of God and praying, but not a intregal part of the storyline. All that being said, I do look forward to reading more by Regina Jennings.

Thank you, netgalley, for giving me this book in return for my feedback. Here’s to many more!

Pick up a copy for yourself here.

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