Giveaways ABOUND! $250 Amazon Card? iPad? Kindle? Signed Books? BOW AND ARROWS?? AHHHHHH!!!!

First up, Jen Turano has offered to give a SIGNED COPY of After a Fashion to one lucky reader!!!! Just follow this link and you can enter multiple times!!! This is one hot item!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Secondly, today is the LAST DAY to put your name in for the drawing of The Hesitant Heiress.
Dawn has kindly offered to giveaway an e-book copy of the first book in this great series! So, you want to get your name in as many times as possible!! Just click on the link below and you have multiple opportunities to “put your name in the hat”.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Next we have another signed copy of a book. Suzanne Woods Fisher has so graciously agreed to sign a copy and send it to one lucky winner!!!! Click on the rafflecopter link and you will be able to enter multiple times!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Maria Grace, Monica Fairview, Abigail Reynolds, and Susan Mason Milks

These ladies have collaborated together to write this delightful book about The Darcy Brothers.

What? You didn’t know that Dear Mr. Darcy had a younger brother? My goodness!! You would surely be cut by anyone in high society! Mr. Theo Darcy is quite ready to answer any questions you have for him. So, put him to the test. As a question of him (or just comment on the post) and you are in the drawing for a copy of this wonderful book.

To Enter: Comment on this blog, or ask Theo a Question!

If you do not win, have no fear! You will have another chance on March 19th when Maria Grace and I FACE-OFF!


Jody Hedlund

Noble Knights Blog Tour

3/3/15 to 4/2/15

I’m celebrating the release of my first YA medieval romance novel with the Noble Knights Blog Tour, commencing March 3rd, on my personal blog.

Every blog tour stop will have unique content, showcasing the setting, characters, and history of An Uncertain Choice, with the opportunity to win a signed copy of An Uncertain Choice at each blog. I really hope you join in the fun!

AUC Blog Tour Graphic lge

Noble Knights Blog Tour Dates



Talk about a GIVE-AWAY!!

First place wins: a beautiful heart and arrow silver necklace and a $250 gift card to!

Second Place wins: Spirit Take Down Recurve Bow and six high-quality fiber glass arrows, plus this attractive leather trimmed backpack, perfect for securing your treasure and storing your secrets.

Link is in the pic!! You may enter once a day for 12 days!!


Now, here’s the kicker. Suzanne has decided to really go all out!

“Since it isn’t every day an author has a book release, we need to celebrate! As a thank you for being such loyal readers and supporters, I’m giving away an iPad and a Kindle!

“There’s still lots to be done to help spread the word. After you’d read Anna’s Crossing, I’d be very grateful if you could leave your honest (I mean that!) opinion (just a sentence or two!) on Amazon, or CBD. Your words carry weight.
And if you haven’t read my book but are interested…here’s a peek at the first chapter.”

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