Face-Off with MaryLu Tyndall

If you know me at all, you know that MaryLu is one of my favorite authors!! I am always pushing her books when they are on sale (and when they aren’t!!). Her books are sure to take you on a fabulous, pirate adventure! Unless, of course, you are reading one of her historical novels about the War of 1812 or about the confederate people that ran to Brazil to start a new “South” (totally true!!).

Screen shot 2015-04-27 at 10.58.46 PM She has won the I Heart Indie award and published a multitude of GREAT books!! My two favorite series are:

All three of these are only $2.51 each!!! Hurry!!!

These are only $5.38 each! Total steal!! Again, MAKE HASTE!!

Oh, and the VERY COOLEST thing? On her pinterest page, MaryLu has TONS of pics up dedicated to each book. You can see the visuals for her characters and backdrops. Awesome!!

But now, WE PLAY!

fiqmEzxl4DLMPsyMAHosyNGoM59WXnloPWb7mIjXq3H3o-hQiQIBzp_BNQSwrEqn-12WPkKcgmrgeIY9KFhYKNFJLjbMSo3FXLgH5B8Eg1iF1sWzw-_4StlIWXqJnyAZW1rk26WwL3T-rzZNx0x7mt2K_GhRscQd-AqiU2nS0e9cv8WJysVFOi0QsMi--B_4yKkcNOUs3bYG35x6mzVXdQYmQCfJgft29The rules are simple: I ask MaryLu some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. What’s your favorite nail polish color?

MaryLu – Pink!

Charity – Uh, what day of the week is it again? Brown, Pink, Red, Orange….I DON’T KNOW! Too hard.

— It’s better to know what you want out of life instead of spinning in circles like me!

Charity 0 / MaryLu 1

2. What’s your favorite kind of tea?

MaryLu – Tea? Blaa! Coffee all the way.

Charity – 😮 Oh man! Not cool, MaryLu! Not cool!! I am a sweet tea (un-sweet tea in a pinch…or on a diet)

— No disrespecting the TEA!

Charity 1 / MaryLu 1

3. Do you ever play video games?

MaryLu – Years ago I got addicted to a game called King’s Quest. I couldn’t stop playing it! I would play it at work, at home, at night! After I won it, I vowed to never get sucked into any more video games!

Charity – Blah, Candy Crush taught me the same lesson! (Although, I SWEAR I never sent out those HORRIBLE facebook invites!!! I avoided the temptation!


Charity 1 / MaryLu 1

4. Do you wear fun socks?

MaryLu- Love fun socks! I have pirate ones and ones with monkeys and pink elephants and tons of Christmas ones!

Charity – That was the jackpot, gold winning question!! WOW!! I don’t usually. I have a bunch, but I usually don’t wear socks unless I am wearing running shoes…and you all know how much I run…So, …. There’s that.

— Definitely MaryLu!

Charity 1 / MaryLu 2

5. Have you ever sailed on a pirate ship (a re-enacting ship, of course)?

MaryLu – Of course! Who hasn’t? I’ve sailed on several. One out of Key West that was a bit too realistic for me. (The pirates were drinking and one lady even threw up over the side of the ship!) However, there was a real wedding preformed on the ship that was pretty cool to witness. I have also sailed on a pirate ship out of San Diego where we engaged in battle with another ship, cannons blaring!! So cool!

Charity – Uh, I haven’t! That’s who!! So cool though!! I would love that.

— Got whooped twice in a row!

Charity 1 / MaryLu 3

6. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

MaryLu – I submit every area of my life to Him (or at least I strive to!) Many people think they don’t really have a gift or a ministry they can use to glorify God, but the truth is, God can use everything in our lives to bring Him glory. Our marriages, friendships, work, school, kids, etc. The Apostle Paul instructs us to submit our entire body to God, where we go, what we eat, what we watch on TV, what we do. Everything we do should be done for God’s glory. A tall order, I know. But that’s been my goal. Do I always succeed? Nope. But I’m on my way!

Charity – Absolutely love it and couldn’t agree more! I feel the same way. God can use any situation to be brought glory. If we don’t use the bad situations in life for that, then it’s just a waste of a moment. Car breaks down, bad Dr. diagnoses, stubbing my toe…doesn’t matter. God is so sovereign and amazing ❤

— God WINS!!

Charity 1 / MaryLu 3

7. What’s your favorite American landmark/tourist destination?

MaryLu – Charleston, South Carolina

Charity – Oh, man! I would so love to visit. I’m not even that far away! I live in Virginia (Historic Triangle area…Williamsburg/Jamestown/Yorktown).

This is a difficult question! I am not sure. I think that Yorktown has a huge part of my heart. I grew up playing drums in the Yorktown Fife and Drum Corp. ❤

— Tie

Charity 1 / MaryLu 3

8. Have you ever eaten the tongue of an animal?

MaryLu – No, but I’ve bitten my tongue accidentally. Does that count? I’ve eaten alligator and snails. Can you top that?

Charity – Oh my. Nope, can’t top that!!!! ha ha. Sounds frightening!!!

— Definitely MaryLu!


Charity 1 / MaryLu 4

76245498_55f95743f4 Once again, I got crushed. I am on the ground, smooshed with someone holding my nose plugged. (???????? What’s happening here?????)

— UH OH!! MaryLu has a question for me!!!

Why A TransParent Mom?

Charity – ahh…. Yes, funny question. I have noticed people wondering about that with all of the transgender things going on. I am fully woman! No doubt there!! I am simply transparent in my life to give God the most glory possible. I went through some seriously rough years before I came to Christ and I want to use those experiences of rape, terror, pregnancy, single mom-ness, and many other things to show how God can make anything into a miracle, thus bringing Himself glory IF we let Him. 🙂

Thanks SO MUCH, MaryLu! I really enjoyed chatting with you and can’t wait to read Abandoned Memories! Like I already told you, it has been on my (kindle) shelf for MONTHS and it’s horrible because it’s just out of reach with all my other deadlines. I can FINALLY figure out the ending and what’s been going on!!! ahhhhh!!

Guess what???? MaryLu has offered to giveaway Balloons-for-Birthday-Party a copy of this AMAZING BOOK!! You DO NOT want to miss this giveaway! This is one of the most incredible series I have ever read!!!

You can enter here: Abandoned Memories

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