Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor

by Melanie Dobson

A multi-generation story told from the different perspectives of those involved. As this book jumps back and forth from the mid 20th century to present, we get to see how specific choices affected generation after generation.

It starts with the story of a pregnant Maggie and her marriage to Walter Doyle in the 1950’s. In the next chapter, Heather’s story, in present day, is told. Going back and forth, we learn their history as it, eventually, meets in the middle. It is such an intriguing idea, and to be honest, a very lofty goal!! Melanie tackles this story with so much energy as she goes after the big issues that are dealt with.

The book had great characters and a lot of depth. I didn’t feel like it left you absolutely loving any individual characters, but I liked that they were flawed. Parts of the book had a very mystical feel to it while some parts dealt with tough issues and somewhat unbelievable storylines. Overall, I really enjoyed reading it with all it’s twists and turns. Pick up a copy with the link above 🙂

Thank you, Litfuse, for this great read! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

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