Face-Off with Michelle Griep!!

Oh. My. Word. I am so happy to be facing-off with Michelle today.4-up+on+1-22-15+at+10.59+AM+#5+(compiled) This girl just puts a smile on your face!!! She brings back some great vocab that I would have forever forgotten if it weren’t for her! Kerfluffle? Wackadoodle? HAHA! Love this lady!!

Who hasn’t seen this girl’s beautiful books sitting around Barnes and Noble?

Let’s have some fun!!!

___GLdHv15PCk92W8s7xNule50le-Nqzz_ZdyIpyY7N280GI8YusgvKvIRBO8O0_2caaPXrbdWi_1wuK2KcR6jyscdRjetNd5iYKF2dpqzgeciw8r9RuAc8W3E3BHo8yG1B8BkHg82UztX7WAl2unnxGbTRh_FKjWDw0KVeTnm-Uut8q2h_ndjPVeA2i8XCe1r02xtzd6iKbQg_SzdAdHZytBn-rFSMgwThe rules are simple. I ask Michelle some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Funniest childhood song that you know the lyrics to? (Yes, you have to write them out!)

Michelle –
Beans, beans, the magical fruit.
The more you eat, the more you toot.
The more you toot, the better you feel.
So eat your beans at every meal.

Charity – Oh!! Good one!!! Ok, my turn:

Birdie, Birdie in the sky
Left a whitewash in my eye.
I don’t care.
I don’t cry.
I’m just glad that the cow’s don’t fly.

— Tie!

Charity 0 / Michelle 0

2. Have you ever had a cooking fire (accidental)?

Michelle – You know that old school 8th grade cooking advice on how you should never leave a pan of hot oil over a high flame unattended because it could just burst into flames? Turns out that’s true. I know, right? And it’s even more spectacular when you’ve got a house full of guests. ‘Nuff said.

Charity – HA! That’s amazing!! We did that recently with a some friends over. LUCKILY, it was just my son’s teenage boy friends…Way better than MY friends!

— Michelle!!

Charity 0 / Michelle 1

3. Ever been stuck out in the rain? What happened?

Michelle – Got wet.

Oh, you meant as in a story? Huh. I might have to concede this point unless you count freezing rain, as in snow, as in I got locked out of the house on a snowy winter day and had to hang out at the local Dominoes until someone could pick me up. Not that scarfing down pizza is a bad thing, mind you.

Charity – Oh my gosh! Got wet. *kicks you in the shins*

I suppose that freezing rain counts. Did you feel like a total teenager sitting there waiting for a ride? ah ha! Yesterday, in fact, I got stuck out in the rain! I am in Duck, NC (which is the Outer Banks beach destination). We were on the boardwalk that lies between the ocean and the sound. We could see the rain coming across the sound right towards us. It was really cool. And then it wasn’t. We had to race back to the car and…race is something I don’t do. You know the ol’ saying, “We are only as fast/good as our slowest/worst person”. That would be me. Everyone was soaked because I wasn’t about to run.

10486611_10154160695545018_1417221713_o The boardwalk on the sound side.

— Tie

Charity 0 / Michelle 1

4. When you travel, do you like to just go go go, or stop a lot and shop, eat, pee, etc…

Michelle – If I have my laptop with me, I’m happy to type away and drive forever. But (and I’ve always got a big but) if my husband is chewing gum at the time, the noise morphs me into a caged she-bear scratching my way to get out of the car.

Charity – ha! Nice. I HATE stopping. I mean, HATE it!! My parents always stopped every hour to stretch and take care of business. I like to go until I am about out of gas (and I always have a lot of gas). When we stop, take care of everything at once and get back on the road!

— Tie again. blah

Charity 0 / Michelle 1

5. Ok, so Cracker Barrel has the monopoly on the old time restaurant/store. If you could make a restaurant/store, what kind of theme would it be?

Michelle – Ahh, consider for a moment, if you will, the noble and often overlooked rock badger. I feel that rock badgers are a thoroughly under-rated national resource that should be celebrated at every and any opportunity. Hence, a rock badger theme, where the servers wear fuzzy ear hats and everyone gets to sit on boulders.


Too freaky? All right. Let’s go with a donut theme. You can never go wrong with donuts.

Charity – Wow. That is frightening.

What about a vintage place. Roller rink, 50’s diner, and drive in movie theater all rolled into one big place? Sounds pretty sweet to me!

— I am so taking that point!

Charity 1 / Michelle 1

6. Do you have any toe socks? (Pics always welcome!!!)

Michelle – Dang it. You might get this point. I have a toe ring I haven’t taken off in five years, does that count? And yes, I do wash my feet every night, so quit gagging already.


Charity – Oh my gosh! I love it!! You even wear it with socks! Wild! And your toenails are so pretty!!!!

I definitely have toe socks…but I take it a step further with THESE BAD BOYS:


— Toss up…but since the question was Toe Socks, I get it!!

Charity 2 / Michelle 1

7. Have you ever tried writing with a quill?

Michelle – Heck yeah. Hasn’t every mini-van driving, denim-jumper-wearing respectable homeschool mother written with a quill when she’s not busy making soap?

Charity – AH!!

I am scared… I am also a jean jumper wearing respectable never a poop joke homeschool mom. However, I have not quite reached your standard because I haven’t used a quill. What a crying shame…

— Man, no contest!

Charity 2 / Michelle 2

8. How do you strive to bring God the most glory in your life?

Michelle – I weave Biblical truth into every story I write. Not the beat-you-over-the-head-with-a-Bible kind of soapbox preaching, but more like the parables Jesus told. If the things that I write draw even one reader closer to God, then that’s glory for Him and good for the reader.

Charity – Love it!

— God wins!

Charity 2 / Michelle 2

9. Favorite Jane Austen adaptation actor/actress?

Michelle – Even with knowing I will fully bear the wrath of all the Colin Firth fanomanics in Austenland, I’m going to go with the 2005 adaptation starring Matthew Macfadyen. Mm, mm, mm. **excessive fanning of face** Is it hot in here?

Charity – And here I thought we could be friends….I am going to have to counter you and say the ’95 Pride and Prejudice. If they wouldn’t have starred Kiera Knightley, I would have a lot more respect for that movie. I cannot stand her. ugh.

— I can’t judge you (well, I actually am, but I have to seem nice to my readers)

Charity 2 / Michelle 2

What are 3 things about yourself that might surprise your readers? (From Michelle)

Michelle –
1. I can dance a mean polka.
2. I hate fruit. Yes, really. No, I don’t even like strawberries.
3. And I’m a recovering Trekkie. Old school, that is, none of this Next Generation nonsense.

Charity – Hmm. I am really confused about your lack of fruit loving. That is my favorite food group. *sigh* and Star Trek? Really???

Ok, about me:
1. I am a MAJOR loner and only act outgoing when I am around people. I honestly can’t wait to get home and hide.
2. If you call me on the phone, I won’t answer. I. Hate. The. Phone. It terrifies me. You know…awkward silences and all that. Thank God for texting!!
3. I have only been reading books for a few years. Five years ago, I only read magazines with lots of pictures because I thought it was such a waste of time to read.


Charity 2 / Michelle 2

20130805_its_a_tie_ta Woo Hoo!!

Thank you, Michelle! How fun!!!! Favim.com-20355

Who would like a SIGNED COPY of Michelle’s book?

CkEXz_SWwzaQtyviS8FfM8CF0sI4YtT6HKxuGk5jV6IBk0oe4cC5P3fm-D8xdDnPUIb_0GRHMWlAjKMOVKVlqKE89DHldfO4yAza_yd37ytjDxPocHnLow6PYiw70_fAB0tVSFr4GKWqTpIpHLFPUKBjnSLCFt8RMEFd1JIZOOvtyp1gb9CJZLlEHanzA90EmYxV_xnPKUV5NqQ2eXqhiyzzytx7qtzceBecause she’s so amazing, she’s offered to give one away! I’ll tell you who wants one. I DO! I will totally be entering this giveaway! No fear, it’s rafflecopter, so they choose the winner. I can’t cheat. But, I WANT IT!

So, just head on over to a Rafflecopter giveaway and start entering!!!

*U.S. Rez only (Sorry! We do love the rest of you too!!)

**Entries checked. Any falsified entries don’t count.

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