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  • Face-Off with Zachary Bartels: Take 2!!

    Face-Off with Zachary Bartels: Take 2!!

    Today is a BIG DAY!  It’s the perfect storm for you readers. Why? Let me tell you: It’s COVER REVEAL DAY for Zachary’s newest book, All Souls’ Day. We have GIVEAWAYS (yes, plural!) Face-Off round DUEX! So, keep on reading because there’s lots here! SQUEEZE!!!!! Zachary Bartels is my Author Highlight of the month, so…

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  • The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill

    The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill

    by Julie Klassen The much awaited, new series by Julie Klassen is finally here! Well, it was here before Christmas, but I have been a bit behind… If you have read much Klassen, you will want to know that this book is significantly different than her others. All of her books have basically stood alone…

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  • The Heir of Brownlie Manor

    The Heir of Brownlie Manor

    by Anita Stansfield Ahhh…Regency novels. You know I love it! (Well, ALMOST Regency. 1808 is close enough) Anita is a new author to me and I was pleasantly surprised. This book is from the point of view of both Thomas and Ruth. They are heavy thinkers and a considerable amount of their thoughts are written.…

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  • The Earl’s Betrothal

    The Earl’s Betrothal

    by Karen Tuft When Anthony, the heir to the earldom, returns home from war, nothing is as it was. He was thought to be dead, leaving the estate without an heir. Now that he is home, and ALIVE, he must step up, take responsibility and find a wife so that there will never again be…

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  • Face-Off with Regina Jennings!!

    Face-Off with Regina Jennings!!

    I am SO happy to have Regina Jennings here today! What a lovely, lovely lady!!!!! She’s a homeschool mamma, avid traveler and a self-proclaimed “Redneck Bluestocking”. Love it!! You may have seen one of my latest posts about her new release, At Love’s Bidding. Be sure to check it out and grab a copy of…

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  • Face-Off with Melissa McShane!!

    Face-Off with Melissa McShane!!

    I am super happy to have Melissa McShane here today!! What a fun lady! She is the author of fantasy fiction and you are going to just love her!! Here’s a little blurb she wrote up about her writing: “I never thought to write fiction until a few years ago; I studied young adult literature…

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  • Face-Off with Stephanie Landsem!!

    Face-Off with Stephanie Landsem!!

    Stephanie Landsem is here today! So exiting!!! I know that I usually write up something about them and their awesome abilities, BUT…Her write up is so darned cute that I thought I would share it: “I write historical fiction because I love adventure in far-off times and places. I’ve traveled since I was a teenager—backpacking…

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  • Face-Off with Jenny Moore

    Face-Off with Jenny Moore

    Hello, Jenny!! I am super excited to have this amazing lady on the blog today! Woot Woot!! Jenny Moore is an award winning author with 7 books in print. She’s the winner of both the Golden Quill and the Whitney Award in 2015. Check out some of her books here: Let’s get to it! The…

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  • Face-Off with Stacy Henrie!!

    Face-Off with Stacy Henrie!!

    Stacy is IN THE HOUSE TODAY!!! Woot Woot!! Wife of an entrepreneur husband and a stay-at-home mom to three, Stacy loves the chance to live out history through her fictional characters, while enjoying the modern conveniences of life in the 21st century. Her books include Hope at Dawn, a 2015 Romance Writers of America RITA…

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  • Face-Off with Gina Holmes!!

    Face-Off with Gina Holmes!!

    Hello, Gina!! So excited to have you here today!!!! This lady has authored four inspiring books. Her first, Crossing Oceans, released with Tyndale in 2010 and was a Christy, Gold Medallion, Christian Book of the Year finalist and won an INSPY and Reader’s Choice Award. It has hit bestsellers lists on and off for years.…

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