A very personal story

I barely know where to begin. The last few years have been a whirlwind of events. Four years ago, God called us to bring a teenager into our home and pursue adoption. After disappointment after disappointment, we found our precious son. The was almost 2 years ago. As many of you know, he came to live with us and there were a series of ups and downs.

A few months back, our precious boy decided that he didn’t want a family, but wanted freedom to pursue harmful things. He chose to walk away.

You can imagine how that affected the family. He was son and brother.

We all fully trust that God is in control and is sovereign in all things.87273ccb5c71f4bad842039a160479c1 We will always be here for him and love him. We know that life moves in waves of change. It’s not always easy, but clinging to God is what we do. As I read story after story in the Bible of those God used and chose to highlight, I felt such a mix of emotions. Mostly, I felt Him holding me tightly and whispering His perfect love into my ear as I wept. We are not called to ease and comfort. We are called to obey, and we did. We do. We will.

As we worked through some really difficult things, my blog was put on hold. I thank you all for your words, emails, letters, boxes, etc… of encouragement. I am praying that in this new “wave” of my life, I will have a chance to return and do what I love so much. As always, your prayers are welcomed!!!




6 responses to “A very personal story”

  1. It must be the season. This week, the 17 year old grandson who’s been with O’Pa and me since he was 3 left our home in rebellion. Then the 14 year old asked if he could go, too, since his brother left, and go live with his parents in the ‘big city’. He’s been with us since he came home from the hospital. We took in the 4 grandsugar brothers when they were 6, 4, 3, and newborn. We’ve reared them fourteen years. Now they’re gone, left last Thursday, and we woke up Friday in a new world. It seems already that months have passed, but its only been two days. I know your pain and your heart to trust and obey our Father. It’s so comforting to know He is on the throne and in control. I’ll pray for you. Will you pray for me? 🙂 I’m still pretty weepy. Hugs and blessings and love 🙂 ❤


  2. Charity, my heart aches for you and your son’s situation. May God shelter you in his deep, sustaining love, and give you strength and wisdom for each day. And may God lay a powerful calling on your son’s heart and encourage this prodigal to come home. Hugs!


  3. […] And….WE’RE BACK!!!!! Woot Woot! I am so excited to announce that face-offs are back up and running with all kinds of fun in store! I’m especially “psyched out of my mind” about this fabulous author agreeing to be the first after a long break. (If you are wondering where I have been, just check out this post.) […]


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