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This lady sure is missing her books! Yes, I’m talking about myself. Just wanted to update you all on what’s been going on! I get a lot of questions and it’s easier to reply this way as I get worn out easily and don’t… Continue Reading “Just….no.”

Getting Started!

Alright!!! The time is here! Tomorow we embark on a YEAR LONG journey through the Bible. I am SO EXCITED! I actually have a new Bible that I am going to use so I can start highlighting all the new things I find. I’ve… Continue Reading “Getting Started!”

A very personal story

I barely know where to begin. The last few years have been a whirlwind of events. Four years ago, God called us to bring a teenager into our home and pursue adoption. After disappointment after disappointment, we found our precious son. The was almost… Continue Reading “A very personal story”

Where have I been? Well, let me tell ya!!

Hey, guys! I just wanted to let you all know what’s going on here. Last week, I was on our family vacation with my family. My brother decided to join us this year! My two sons and hubby in the first pic. My brother… Continue Reading “Where have I been? Well, let me tell ya!!”

Check this out!!

My awesome nephew, Robert, has started his own Google+ page. He is a music lover and has different polls and info about popular musicians. If you have Google+, please Check it out and vote on his latest poll! Thanks! You guys are the best!! ❤

Thankful For

I am so grateful for my followers and all you have done! I started this blog in October and never imagined the kind of success it has had. I’ve enjoyed every step of getting to know you all individually! If I haven’t gotten to… Continue Reading “Thankful For”

What’s New?

Hey, guys!! I am excited to try out a new “Look” on my blog. Please let me know what you think of it. Do you prefer this one or the other type? You will need to go to the top and click on “home”.… Continue Reading “What’s New?”

Are we up to the task?

I was speaking to a new, sweet friend a couple of days ago. I posted a review of 52 Things a Son Needs From Their Moms and I really enjoyed it. It’s right on, as far as I am concerned. It’s how we have… Continue Reading “Are we up to the task?”

Please Remember!!

I would be SO HONORED if you would allow me to pray for you! You can email me at: It can be anonymous, ugly, heartbreaking and crushing. I would love to pray with you and for you. Please don’t hesitate to use that… Continue Reading “Please Remember!!”

Thank You

God, thank you for my family. Thank you for a husband that is kind, attentive, supportive, seeker of You and imitator of You. Thank you for children that are becoming the same way. They are so selfless and in love with You. That’s all… Continue Reading “Thank You”