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I would love to introduce you to…

Parents, check this out!!! I found the most DELIGHTFUL blog the other day. Miss Lindsey Zimpel is a teenage girl that rates books for other teenage girls. She goes through and painfully takes every scene of action, sexual content (she only does Christian books,… Continue Reading “I would love to introduce you to…”

His love is true.

Today is quite a day! I am reading a new series that is absolutely WONDERFUL! I am enjoying it immensely! I can’t wait to share my review of the first book and have my face-off with Dawn CrandallTOMORROW!! I am also still laughing at… Continue Reading “His love is true.”

Oh my goodness gracious!

I am so excited about the next few weeks. I have so many AMAZING books to share with you guys. I am blown away by how awesome God is. He has given me such a blessing with this job that I can do in… Continue Reading “Oh my goodness gracious!”

The Last Rescue: How Faith and Love Saved a Navy SEAL Sniper —- by Howard Wasdin

with Joel Kilpatrick How do you go from being the most highly trained warrior, in one of the most infamous battles of our time, to full time family man and a 9-5 job? In this follow up book to best seller SEAL Team Six:… Continue Reading “The Last Rescue: How Faith and Love Saved a Navy SEAL Sniper —- by Howard Wasdin”

Buttermilk Sky

by Jan Watson Jan Watson is an author that is completely new to me. I had never read anything by her and was excited to review this book. As you know from past reviews, the front cover is a major selling point for me… Continue Reading “Buttermilk Sky”

The Brickmaker’s Bride

by Judith Miller I’m going to be honest. This is the first book I have read by Judith Miller, which is surprising since she is known for both historical and Amish fiction. Ewan McKay has moved from Ireland to West Virginia to make his… Continue Reading “The Brickmaker’s Bride”


So, you may have guessed it… OCTOBER IS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!! Yes, we like to over-celebrate things a bit in this house. What can I say? You need to have some fun in your life. September was 99 Days ’til Christmas month! (we didn’t… Continue Reading “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, OCTOBER!!!”

Lots ‘o Giveaways!!

So, some exciting news? I have lots of giveaways coming up in the month of October!!!! Lots of new release books… Check out the top of your screen (mobile) and you will see a little +sign. Click on that and there you can fill… Continue Reading “Lots ‘o Giveaways!!”