Face-Off with Susie Finkbeiner

Alright, before we get started, let me tell you a little bit about Susie. Her official bio:

Susie Finkbeiner is a novelist from West Michigan. Her first novel “Paint Chips” released in 2013 and her second novel “My Mother’s Chamomile” in  2014. She worked with WhiteFire Publishing on both novels. Susie’s third novel “A Cup of Dust” will release Fall, 2015 with Kregel Publications. Susie is a wife, mother of three, and avid reader. She enjoys time with her family, coffee dates with her good friends, and quiet moments to read and write.
Now, for the fun!!!

The rules are simple. I ask Susie some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. What are your feelings on festive, holiday vests?

Susie – Why? Who told you I had feelings for them? I…um…no, I don’t have a sparkly teddy bear Christmas sweater with red and green buttons. Seriously, it doesn’t light up or anything, either. I mean…why would I have something like that?

Charity – Oh my gosh. That’s amazing. ha ha ha!! I love that Christmas with the Kranks and all her lovely vests. My husband, as I’ve previously posted, has a Moostletoe sweatshirt. It is so scary!!

— I think you got that one 8-/ I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not!

Charity 0 / Susie 1

2. If you could choose one place to visit, all expenses paid, where would you go?

Susie – Europe. No…Africa. No…Alaska. No…China. No…Australia. No… Seriously, I could do this all day long. Can my answer be “All the places”?

Charity – Oh my goodness. ha. I would totally go to Greece. It is sooooo pretty with all the white buildings and crystal clear blue water. *sigh*

— I get that one. You are too indecisive (:

Charity 1 / Susie 1

3. Which diet plan do you think is most ridiculous?

Susie – The tape worm diet.

Charity – WHAT?! I was tempted to look that up, but I don’t think I could stomach it…You win. If it’s fake, you totally stink. ha ha. I am too scared to check!
Charity 1 / Susie 2
4. Do you think it would be fun to own a boutique with mod white furniture and colorful chandeliers?

Susie – Sure! It would be fun for about 5 minutes. Then some crazy person (that would be me) would come walking in with a glass of tomato juice and all the pretty white furniture would be ruined. I’m clumsy.

Charity – Hmm. I supposed I might make a mess of things as well. At least I don’t drink tomato juice. nast!!!!!!!
— I’m taking that point SOLELY because you drink tomato juice.
Charity 2 / Susie 2
5. What is your favorite month of the year and why?

Susie – I love June because it’s when my kids are out of school and we can hang out together for 3 whole months. My kids are pretty awesome.

Charity – That’s AWESOME! I homeschool my kiddos, so I get them all year long. Mine are pretty cool too (; I love the fall. I love all the decorations, the weather (here in VA) and how festive everyone is starting to feel. All the holidays are upon us when Fall comes around!
— ah, tie
6. Toenails painted, or hidden in winter shoes because, hey, it’s cold out, so they are unseemly and under cared for?

Susie – Oh man, my toenails are pretty gross right now. Winter in Michigan is no time to paint your toenails.

Charity – Mine have seen better days. I did paint them about a week ago, however! A nice shade of dark green.
— I get that point, but not by much…
Charity 3/ Susie 2
7. Most fun date you have had with your hubby?

Susie – These days we don’t get out on dates as much as we used to. But when we do, we laugh so much my stomach hurts. He’s funny (I mean, not as funny as I am) and sweet and hot…sigh. He’s wonderful.

Charity – ha ha. That’s amazing. I am such a dork because when people ask my husband what he went to school for, I but in and say, “He majored in Godliness and minored in hotness”. He gets so embarrassed. ha ha ha. Whatever. He’s awesome and I love him.
We went on a date a few weeks ago, and I tried to get him to follow people around Barnes and Noble and pretend we were in the FBI or something and see if we could follow them around the store without them noticing. He wasn’t too into that. He was laughing, but felt TOTALLY weird.
— Tie. Good husbands are the best.
8. Ever gotten revenge on an ex boyfriend or friend? (you know…when you were still young and immature)

Susie – Only in my head…

Charity – Oh, girl….When I was young (and wasn’t in love with Jesus), I broke up with a guy that was a total jerk. Funny thing was…I had his credit card. So, I had a weekend of FUN with my friends. Did I mention it was a platinum card? Clothes, movies, restaurants, etc. He wasn’t too happy…. But, he had given me the card to use while we were dating…so, he didn’t exactly have a way to prosecute. ha ha
— I think you get this point for keeping it classy!
Charity 3 / Susie 3
9. What are your thoughts on talking to your friends while you are in bathroom stalls? Carry on the conversation or do you want to be left alone?

Susie – Okay. I’ve got 2 sisters. Talking in the bathroom’s kind of normal for me. I do have friends who are a little creeped out by it, so I try to be cool and wait until I’m done. I do draw the line at talking on the phone in the bathroom, especially when it’s a bathroom with lots of stalls. On more than one occasion I responded to a stranger in the bathroom who I didn’t know was talking on the phone. That’s awkward on so many levels.

Charity – LOL!!! oh my gosh. I would have a heart attack. I can’t handle it when people talk to me when I am in the bathroom. I get total pee fright. My kids aren’t even allowed to ask me questions through the door at our house. ha ha I have a great friend that always loves to converse while we are in public bathrooms. You know, a couple of stalls down. wowza!
— You talk to strangers? You win!!!!
Charity 3 / Susie 4
10. Lastly, how is God getting the most glory in your life?
Susie – You know, I’m a wife and mom before any of my other duties. I really hope that He’s glorified in the way I relate to my family. I mean, I’m not perfect, but I’m trying. Next, I hope He’s glorified in the novels I write. My career has been one fantastic ride and I know that He’s orchestrated every move along the way. I am so grateful.
Charity – That is awesome. It’s always my goal to try to teach my kids a way to bring glory to Him in any and all situations. So important. If we don’t, someone else will teach them how to handle situations and that may not be as I would prefer…..
— No way to win if God’s getting glory
Charity 3 / Susie 4
I TOTALLY thought I had this one! ahh!!!!
Ok, so now, you guys got a glimpse of Susie (: She’s fun and fabulous. woot woot! And if you read Dina’s Face-Off, you will see a comment about strange fans. I guess that Susie had the same person asking her about nose rings! So funny. I love it!

-4A Cup of Dust is set in 1930’s Oklahoma at the height of what we now call The Dust Bowl. Ten year old Pearl Spence is happy to spend her days daydreaming and wandering around her hometown of Red River. All’s well until a mysterious hobo hops off the train with a load of secrets. A Cup of Dust releases October 27, 2015 with Kregel publications.

You can check here out here.

Keep an eye out for more fun as we prepare for her fall release of A Cup of Dust!!!

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