Fight for the Forgotten

by Justin Wren
with Loretta Hunt

In this inspiring, true story, Justin Wren recounts his troubling journey from a struggling youth to a prosperous missionary. After years of being bullied (you know, like the kind of high school bullying you see in the movies but assume is over dramatized?), he became one of the greatest wrestlers and mixed martial artists of our day.

Being burnt by hypocritical religion and people, he had no desire to seek God for his peace. In an amazing turn of events, he becomes madly in love with Jesus. After having a vision of a poor and enslaved people group, God led him to the Mbuti Pygmy tribe. It was there that he saw his life’s calling.

An absolutely beautiful book. Spiritually deep, raw and touching. I love what Justin is doing to help these people and he inspires us to look beyond ourselves and our prosperous country. I highly recommend!

Thank you, Howard Books, for a chance to read this title! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

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