by Todd Gerelds
with Mark Schlabach

This amazing, true story shows us an inside look at desegregation and how it affected the lives of the Woodlawn High School students. It is told by the son of their late football coach, Tandy Gerelds. The story is set in the deep south during a time when there were still segregated pools, drinking fountains, doctors, and restaurant seating. When African-American students began attending “white” schools, they experienced cruel racism and and joining the football team was considered unacceptable.

We see the beautiful story of how God changed the lives of many students and how they came together in a common goal. It is so inspiring that it’s now a major motion picture! (It will be released in mid-October). I definitely recommend. Grab a copy for those football loving men in your lives!

Thank you, Howard Books, for this great read! As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!

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