Face-Off with Pepper Basham (take #2)


Ok, so if you know me at all, you know that this gal is one of my favs! What an amazing writer and a sweetheart to boot!! Her books really wrestle with the tough things in life while keeping you turning pages with a gripping story. If you haven’t checked out our last face-off, please do so!! It is sure to keep you entertained.


Ok, so this newly nominated Carol Award finalist is here today to have a bit o’ fun. (Yeah, I had to slip that in there! woot woot!! I am so excited for her!) I am dying to hear what fun she is bringing with her this time. We ended with a tie last time, so she’s going to have to really bring it to beat me now!

Let’s do this!



Wow. That really didn’t turn out so well…

The rules are simple:

I ask Pepper some random questions. She replies and then I give my answers. Each winning answer is worth one point and I get to decide whose answer is better.

It’s my blog.

Here we go!

1. Favorite 80’s movie?

Pepper – I can’t choose between these three: Indiana Jones, The Princess Bride, and Star Wars…so…you’ll just have to pick one to battle 😉

Charity – I really can’t fault you for those choices. One glaring oversight would have to be The Neverending Story. Obviously, The Princess Bride still wins.


— Tie

Charity 1 / Pepper 1

2. Biggest pet peeve?

Pepper – My children leaving their shoes in the middle of the floor

Charity – Hmm. Mine is being asked the same questions twice in a row by an overly eager child that doesn’t give you more than 1 second to answer before asking again. and again.

— Another tie

Charity 2 / Pepper 2

3. Have you ever had a major traffic blunder (ran a red light, drove the wrong way down a street with a car approaching you, etc…)

Pepper – HAHA!! Well, how much trouble will I get into if I answer this? Yes, I’ve gone through a red light and even had a fender bender once. I’m a pretty careful driver though. I grew up with a cop for a dad 🙂

Charity – Whew. Not tooooo bad. One time I was rocking out to music and I realized that a cop was behind me with his lights a-going. So, I pulled over and he come up to the car. He said that he had been behind me, with his lights on, for a few minutes (literally) and I hadn’t noticed him. He then said that my headlights weren’t on (and it was pretty late at night). I apologized and he said that it was ok, but I needed to pay more attention. I start to pull away and he is running after me waving his hands. I stop and he catches up…”Ma’am. Your lights still aren’t on…” hahahahaha. Nicest guy ever because he didn’t ticket me! 😯

— Taking that one!

Charity 3 / Pepper 2

4. What’s your favorite type of soda?

Pepper – Duh. Dr. Pepper 😉 (but I’m a big fan of Mt. Dew too)

Charity – Oh, man. Dumb question…Mine too, but…I can’t compete.

— (Dr) Pepper gets it!

Charity 3 / Pepper 3

5. Last movie you saw in the theater? *BTW, readers…this question was answered in April!

Pepper – Star Wars – The Force Awakens

Charity – Oh! That was a great one! I remember that I got three naps in during that movie. Pretty sweet… haha. Last one I saw was Bourne!!!!!! Holla!

— Tie

Charity 4 / Pepper 4

6. What is your love language?


Pepper – Time and affection. I LOVE hugs!!

Charity – Aww! I will remember that when I see you IN NASHVILLE SOOOOOOON!

Mine are gifts and quality time…definitely NOT touch! hahahaha

— These questions are too hard to pit against each other!

Charity 5 / Pepper 5

7. Have you ever walked more than 1 dog at a time?

Pepper – LOL – nope. My dog is quite big enough to equal more than one dog at a time, but no…only one.

Charity – Well, we grew up in a household of a million pets. At one point we had 5 dogs. I am pretty sure I walked more than one at a time, but I can’t be positive…

— I will have to forfeit this point. I am so not an animal person.

Charity 5 / Pepper 6

8. What’s your favorite way to worship?

Pepper – Way? As opposed to what? 🙂 I love worshiping through song and music. Of course, true worship always includes the Word of God – but when that’s paired with music…sigh…I just love how close and alive that makes God’s spirit feel.

Charity – I agree. I used to be 100% Word + music. Lately, however, I have been trying something new and it’s got me so excited! I have been highlighting all the passages in my Bible that describe God and His character. It’s been AMAZING! I have also been taking the time to write some of them down. This is what I got about God from JUST Psalm 103


— God Wins!

Charity 5 /Pepper 6

9. Place in America that you would LOVE to visit?

Pepper – New York – just for the experience. I’d also love to go to the Grand Canyon some day. (but above all I like out-of-America dreaming)

Charity – Girl! I know all about your out-of-America dreaming! You JUST got back from my favorite place….ENGLAND! SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!

I really just want to visit all of America. I mean, all of it.

— Tie

Charity 6 / Pepper 7

10. How are your gardening skills?

Pepper – Only the strong survive.

Charity – lol…well, at least that’s something! NOTHING survives this black thumb. Nothing!


— Bad way to end…


Charity 6 / Pepper 8


ahhhhhh! Not cool! I need to ask better questions….

Thank you so much, Pepper! Please be sure to check out her awesome Blog Hop and Giveaway all this week!



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