A Worthy Pursuit

by Karen Witemeyer

I am such a sucker for Karen’s books. I can’t wait for them to release and I snatch them up right away!! In her latest book, A Worthy Pursuit, she has done it once again. Drew me in and kept me interested.

When the academy closes down mid-semester, Charlotte is worried about what will happen with some of the children that are orphaned. She takes off in the middle of the night with three of them so they will not be sent back to the poor house and the brutality that is there. Unfortunately, a grandfather decides he wants one of the children and sends a tracker to find them. She claims to have custody over the children, but will her documents and “proof” hold up once she is caught?

Always a pleasure to read. Story moves along and the characters are full of life. God is always deeply saturated within the pages of a Karen Witemeyer book. I have nothing negative to say. Pick up a copy!!

Thank you, Bethany, for sending this book to me. As always, this is my honest opinion. Here’s to many more!!

If you would like to check out my face-off with Karen, just head on over HERE.

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