Tears of the Sea

by MaryLu Tyndall


MaryLu Tyndall offering a book to review? Oh my goodness. I am so in. Her Escape to Paradise and Surrender to Destiny series had me glued to the pages. Her study and knowledge of history is astounding. One of my favorite things is her Pinterest page. She has boards dedicated to her books and what the characters and scenery look like.

That being said, I was surprised, and very curious, when I found out that this book would be unlike any others she has previously written. MaryLu wrote this book as an allegory of the Gospel using mythical lands, characters, and a mermaid!! I was completely unsure of what to think before I started reading this story.

Perdita is well into her third century of life, cursed to be a mermaid until she can find someone that loves her enough to die in her place. Once, every ten years, she has a month to be human and find a man that is willing. Sound crazy? I AGREE! However, this book held my attention. I found it fascinating. It is truly a story about finding your worth, knowing what true love is and seeking to do right no matter the circumstances.

Thanks, MaryLu, for giving me a book that I can’t help but read well into the night! Keep them coming (:

You can pick up copies of her books by clicking on the pics below:

Surrender to Destiny Trilogy ONLY $3.82           The first book in the Escape to Paradise Series  

DestinyBlogHeaderjpg                                     Forsaken+Dreams_Cover

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